We Have Moved!

The Short and sweet of it

What’s Happening?

Backyard Pool Supplies and sister company A-Quality Pool Service have moved. The Cypress Shopping Center retail location is no longer available.



Friday, December 3rd was the last operating day for the Backyard Pool Supplies retail location


Where do I go?

Currently we offer two options for our customers:

  • Instead of coming to us, we can come to you! Our service tech will come out and test all the factors we test now and add the chemicals for you. Additionally, if there is a repair needed, we will have a mechanic diagnose and make recommendations at no extra charge!
  • Test your water at home using test strips! After testing you can plug your results into our website for your water analysis. You can then place an order online for chemical delivery.

We are still a Jandy, Hayward, and Maytronics Warranty & Repair Center, however these will be by appointment only.

Within Q1 2022, we have exciting plans plan to offer more, including a mobile app for water testing and cost-effective chemical subscription plans!

We appreciate your continued business and support.

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Details for our Dedicated Customers


Owners Dennis and Charlene Kutzan have been running the successful swimming pool service business A-Quality Pool Service since 2009. However, it became clear that there was a large community of pool owners who prefer to take care of their pools themselves. Seeing a lack of local, family-owned businesses offering pool supplies at affordable prices, Backyard Pool Supplies was born. In 2011, Backyard Pool Supplies was launched as an online store, with the slogan “You relax… We Deliver!”.


Along with A-Quality Pool Service, Backyard Pool Supplies was operating out of the garage at the home of Dennis and Charlene. As both businesses grew, it became clear that a physical location was needed. In April 2016, the Backyard Pool Supplies location opened in Cypress Shopping Center. This new location killed two birds with one stone, as the front was a retail store, and the back was a warehouse space for A-Quality Pool Service.

As both companies continued to grow, it became clear that A-Quality Pool Service was becoming the core of our business, with tremendous attention and focus needed to the field. As A-Quality Pool Service continues to grow, the current location had started to show its limitations. Thus, Backyard Pool Supplies and A-Quality Pool Service have moved to a new warehouse location.


With this move, we have given deep thought to both A-Quality Pool Service and Backyard Pool Supplies, and the positions they hold within the pool care ecosystem. All things considered, Backyard Pool Supplies simply is not able to hold its own with the traditional retail model at this current location. Thus, Backyard Pool Supplies will now operate out of the new facility, and we will be exploring new, exciting, and innovative ways to serve the do-it yourself pool owners. Within Q1 2022, we plan on exploring:

  • A mobile app, with the ability to record test strips with the camera, create a history log, and make predictions about chemical usage
  • Cost effective subscription options, using historical test data and forecasting to deliver chemicals straight to your door before you need it
  • Creating floating devices to automatically test pool water without customer intervention.

All of these options are new and exciting for the pool care world and are only possible by shifting our focus away from a brick-and-mortar retail location and into a full warehouse.


We would like to thank everyone who has been a loyal customer with us throughout this time. We pride ourselves on giving our customers honest pool advice with affordable product prices, and we will continue to offer that in new and exciting ways!


Dennis and Charlene Kutzan

Owners of A-Quality Pool Service and Backyard Pool Supplies

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