(1) Circulation 

Water needs to move in order to avoid bacteria and algae from developing. The best recommended time to circulate is the daytime for up to 10 hours.  


(2) Filtration 

Your filter is a very important piece of equipment and removes both visible and microscopic debris from your pool. Every filter should be cleaned regularly to ensure that oils and embedded debris are removed. It is recommended to clean your filter at least monthly and more often if needed depending on your usage, bather load and environmental conditions. 


(3) Cleaning 

Keeping your pool well balanced and sanitized will keep it from turning green or cloudy. However, an essential part of pool maintenance is cleaning the pool floor, steps, swim outs, and walls (vacuuming, brushing and skimming) to ensure that debris and dirt are removed and do not contaminate your pool. If you are proactive in getting the debris out first then you may require less chemicals to balance your pool. 


It is recommended to brush or vacuum the walls, pool floor, and stairs at least once a week to ensure that debris, algae and bacteria are removed. Some areas of your pool may have little circulation and may be prone to forming algae that the filter cannot readily eliminate. 


(4) Testing

Water testing is critical for any pool to ensure that the balance of the water is optimal and healthy for pool usage. If the water balance is off it can result in a cloudy pool and may irritate your skin and eyes. Many factors can affect your pool’s water balance such as rain water, dirt, oils and a pool party with a large number of swimmers! We recommend that your test your pool water at least twice a week and any time before swimming to maintain the water balance. Testing the water is easy. Knowing what to do after is typically more difficult – until we made it easy for you! 


(5) Chemistry

This involves applying the right amount of pool chemicals to your pool for full optimal sanitation, water balancing and sparkling, clean water. Achieving this will avoid damage to your pool surface walls and floors as well as to your pool equipment.


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