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Water Testing

One important factor in keeping your pool water healthy, is keeping it chemically balanced. In order to adjust the swimming pool chemicals in your pool, you must first test the water. You can pick up test strips and test your water at home, using our online water testing calculator. You can also stop by our store with your water sample and get it professionally tested.

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Buy Products

After you have tested your water, you are going to need to buy products for your pool. Whether you need to add stabilizer, chlorine, shock, algaecide or anything in between, Backyard Pool Supplies is the one-stop shop for all your pool balancing needs! Let our trained employees show you what works best for you and your pool needs.

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Once your pool water is chemically balanced and sanitized, you can relax and enjoy pool time with your family! Come to our store, and pick up some relaxing pool floats, toys or games; everything that will make your pool more enjoyable! We have great products for for both kids and adults. We're here to help you enjoy your pool and have fun!!

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